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Now that you have selected your new Porsche, we are sure you will want to give it the finest care. The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP) allows you to manage your factory recommended scheduled maintenance services through the convenience of prepayment. Not only will you lock in the cost of your Scheduled Maintenance up front, but you will also rest easy knowing these checks are then at no additional charge for the term you choose.

Coverage Options:

2yrs/20k miles

3yrs/30k miles

4yrs/40k miles

5yrs/50k miles

Scheduled maintenance items include:

• Engine oil and filter change 
• Engine air filter replacement
 • Cabin air pollen filter replacement 
• Spark plug replacement
 • Brake fluid replacement
 • Brake pad, disc, and hose inspection 
• Steering gear and axle inspection 
• Radiator and air inlet inspection
 • Body and sunroof drain cleaning and inspection 
• Coolant and coolant hose inspection 
• Windshield wiper and washer inspection 
• Tire condition and pressure inspection 
• Headlights, horn, and other electrical system inspection • Battery condition inspection